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Search engine optimization Casablanca, Seo agency in  Casablanca and Morocco offers you a complete audit of your website to build an SEO strategy adapted to your business challenges and your marketing objectives.

Following the audit, you will benefit from a series of recommendations to implement an effective seo strategy, acquire qualified traffic and develop the notoriety of your website.


We monitor our SEO efforts from the implementation of the strategy until the achievement of the objectives.


We use several tracking tools built into your site to facilitate tracking.



SEO AGENCY Marrakech

Our premium SEO support includes:

Search engine optimization AGENCY Casablanca

What our customers say about us

Excellente expérience avec Manzana. je suis plus que satisfait de leur travail. 


Marketing Manager

Equipe au top et très proffessionelle ,ils ont compris mes attentes et fais en sorte de les appliquer.

Amina El Omrani

Directeur Media

Très très satisfaite de la prestation Manzana ! Des personnes professionnelles , rapides , très compétentes et facilement joignable !

Angela Taylor

Marketing Officer
SEO AGENCY Casablanca


Do you have a Digital Marketing project in Morocco and would you like to hire a competent, motivated and efficient person? We support you on several types of projects: SEO natural referencing, Google Ads paid referencing, advertising on social networks, website creation.

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Manzana, votre agence de référence en communication digital au Maroc accompagne de nombreuses marques dans leurs prise de parole sur le marché.

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